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Big Bucks of 2019

Richard Schussman
Richard Schussman took this giant on November 10th near Grand Rapids
Jake Ranta took this beautiful buck on opener 11/9/19. This is Jakes first ever buck, got him while he was chasing a doe!
Izzy, Joe Johnson’s daughter, took this monster down midday Saturday 11/9/19 at her Papa Deano’s. It currently is the largest taken on his property.
Samantha Wardas, Jason Wardas’ daughter, shot this trophy buck on 11/13/19 out of her sisters stand, this is the second time she’s shot a buck out of that stand.
Matt Carlson took this nice buck on 11/14/19 “He came walking straight towards me and I decided to pass on him. Once he turned his head away from me I saw he was a nice buck but by that time, he was too far gone to shoot at. Within 10 minutes he circled back around and gave me a second chance. I shot him at about 50 yards with a Remington 870 Express.”

Eric Bergman shot this monster buck North of Orr Mn on 11/16/19. “I was sitting in my portable deer stand – Slasher. I let the bigger buck go that was with it.”
Brad Jahnke took this fine buck on 11/15/19. “This Buck came up from the bottom of a quarry and stopped broad side about 40 yds, all I saw was a huge body and shiny horns. So I took one shot through the pump house, 50 yds later he was down.”
Brien Heinemann took this buck on 11/10/19. “I had seen multiple bucks on opening day with no shots presented. On Sunday the 10th, a Doe came up from the river bottom with a smaller buck chasing her. This buck and 3 others soon followed, giving me a 30 yard chip shot. Best memory of it all was sharing the harvest with my son.”
Ron took this monster on 12/13/2019 during the muzzle loader season. “One afternoon I was headed to my stand when I jumped a buck, I had no shot but I could see a pretty nice rack. The next morning I went to same spot, sure enough here he came up over the hill and I am sure he was heading back to where I jumped him the day before. After letting him get broadside my TC IMPACT put it right through both shoulders he only made about 50 yards. The B&C SCORE WAS 138 5/8