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Big Bucks of 2020

Jordan Moser
********Not in contest – Bragging rights only.******* Jordan Moser took this monster in North Dakota on October 31st. Very nice deer and a bow kill for extra points!
Jaeger Venem
Jaeger Venem, Chris Venem’s son, took this monster buck on November 7th. Jaeger says, “My first buck!!! Morning hunt, 1187 Remington 12 ga.” Excellent deer, congrats on the first buck!
Brien Heinemann took this giant on 11/8/2020 near Glenville, MN. Brien says, “He was with 3 does, working a fence line along a cut corn field. They got to 75 yards and I was able to make the shot count.”
Jeff Carlson took the trophy buck on 11/8/2020. Jeff says, “This deer was lurking around all afternoon but never gave me a shot. As I was packing up to leave, there he was 100 yards away crossing the swamp. I shot him with a .50 caliber muzzleloader, 245 grain bullet, 100 grains of powder. He didn’t leave a drop of blood for 50 yards which turned into a few drops then there he was 100 yards from where I shot him.”
Lindsey Becker, Kalvin Becker’s wife, took this trophy on 11/8/2020. Lindsey says, “I went out hunting with my 270 to my usual morning stand. I told my two and a half year old nephew the day before that I would shoot a buck for him this weekend. Sure enough, at 7am on Sunday morning, I saw this buck chasing a doe and pulled the trigger!”

Trevor Gilliam took this monster buck on 10/22/2020 with his bow. Looks like it was a great hunt!
Brad Jahnke took this giant on 11/11/20. Brad says, “I spotted this guy at 7:30am chasing a doe till he bed down at 12:30, so I put the stalk on him and got to within 10 yds and smoked him.”
Brennan Gilliam took this monster buck on 11/14/20. This is Brennan’s first buck!
Richie Pocket took this buck on 11/13/20. Richie says, “Sitting in my stand doe came out, about a minute later this stepped out. 208 yard shot. 300 mag.”
Rob Baasi, Amy Baasi’s husband, took this trophy buck on 11/14/20. Rob says, “This big old 9-pointer gave chase after I wounded him with my custom 30-06, model 98 German Mauser my dad built, ending up down a steep ravine next to the river. I enlisted the help of 2 neighbor boys to lug him up the 100 foot bank.”
Louie Grossman took this absolute beast on 11/26/2020. Louie says, “I shot this deer with my bow on Thanksgiving morning. I saw him trailing a doe and headed away from me at about 250 yards. I grunted at him and he turned around and walked right to me. My Dad actually shot this buck about six weeks ago with his bow. We looked for a couple days and couldn’t find him. He showed back up on trail camera a few days later and seemed completely fine. After we gutted him we found a piece of my Dad’s arrow stuck inside of him. 15 Scorable points. 166″ gross.”