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Big Bucks of 2021

Eilee Straub, Jeremy Straub’s daughter, took this fine buck on 10/22/2021. Congrats on the successful hunt!


Brad Joki took this fine buck on 11/8/21. Brad says, “I heard brush cracking to the East of the stand, this buck came out chasing a doe 150 yards away in the field at 7:20am. I had to take a quick shot, he was about to jump into another piece of woods. 7mm WTHBY mag.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Matt Carlson took this beast on 11/13/2021. Matt says, “I was sitting in my stand watching two doe when I heard a loud crash. I looked over and saw this buck chasing a doe. He zig zagged back and forth after the doe then stopped for a second. Right as I was about to shoot he took off so I put one out in front of him and dropped him with my Remington 870 Express. Score: 144-2/8” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Jaxon Venem, Chris Venem’s son, took this monster buck on 11/14/2021. Jaxon says, “Sunday night hunt. Saw the buck about 40 yards away. Shot with a Remington 870 20 ga. 9 point, roughly scored at 133.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
John Ranta took this giant on 11/20/21. Congrats on the successful hunt!

Colt Wagner, Andy Wagner’s son, took this beast on 11/20/21. Andy says, “Colt had just shot his first deer the evening prior. It was a spork. Around 11 am a doe came out into the slashing adjacent to our stand. I spotted this buck working the wood line on the edge of the slashing. Colt lined up and waited for him to come out of the brush. Colt took a 250 yard shot with his 6.5 Creedmoor and dropped him.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Steve Sathre, Tiffany Sathre’s husband, took this beautiful buck on 11/6/21. Steve says, “I saw this deer pheasant hunting near Austin, my shorthairs spooked him and he looped around and went back into the same rockpile he came out of. So, a week later, I left Esko at 3am, snuck up to the same rockpile after a 3 hour creep and took him with an old Browning B-80 12 ga – foster slug, bird barrel, old school. 10 pointer, field dressed 208 lbs.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Trent Bonneville took this giant buck on 11/20/21. Trent says, “This buck disappeared for a month but showed back up on camera 3 days before WI opener. 7 minutes into first light the split brow 12 came through an opening and I was able to get a nice clean shot on him with my .308 at about 60 yards. If only it went like that every year.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Noah Erichson, Andy Erichson’s son, took this monster on 11/6/21. Andy says, “Noah and I were patiently watching doe most of the afternoon when a buck finally came our way. Noah pulled up and took his shot. It was not an easy one to find.” Congrats on the successful hunt!