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Big Bucks of 2023

Lane Pietila took this beautiful 3 point buck on 10/21/23. Lane says, “Taken with a .243 at about 125yds, 1 well placed shot at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Conrad Oehrlein took this monster 8 point buck on 10/28/23. Conrad says, “I settled in for an all day sit and he showed up at 2:00 P.M. I arrowed him at 7 yards and watched him fall at the base of the of hill.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Ryker Moser took this monster 10 point buck on 10/22/23. Ryker says, “I was hunting with my dad and we didn’t see a deer the entire youth season until this guy popped out right before dark. I shot it with my .243 200 yards away.” Congrats on the successful hunt!


**Bragging RIghts Only Deer** *Missouri deer not eligible for contest* Conrad Oehrlein took this nice 7 point buck on a brief trip to Missouri on 11/04/23. Conrad Says, “I went on my first hunt in Missouri and found quick success. I rattled antlers together an hour and a half into the hunt. Much to my surprise a mature buck came running in before I finished my rattling sequence. I waited for him to get twenty yards away and hit my mark with the arrow. The buck ran 31 yds and dropped in the hay field.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Ryan Swanson took this huge 10 point buck on 11/10/23. Ryan says, “Shot this guy with my 30-06 at about 8:15 am on Friday. He was chasing a doe and they both stopped about 30 yards away in the woods and sat there and sensed something was wrong. I could not get a shot off where they were. Another doe came from a different direction and he walked towards her and I finally found an opening to take the shot. One shot and he went down immediately.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Adriana McClellan took this monster 8 point buck on 10/19/23. Adriana says, “My dad, brother and I went out for our first sit of the youth season on Thursday October 19th. We saw 6 does and fawns, but I really wanted a buck for my first deer so we just watched them. Was about 15min after the last doe and fawns went by, my dad says, “I see movement back in the hardwoods.” With minutes to spare of shooting light it came to within a hundred yards of us and started to make a scrap in the perfect spot for a great shot! The rest was history!!” Congrats on the successful hunt!


Easton McClellan took this huge 7 point buck on 11/11/23. Easton says, “I was sitting with my dad a few days and had a close encounter with a nice deer before daylight. After that we were seeing does, but I wanted to wait for a buck for my first deer, which I am glad I did as this nice buck came cruising through at about 5pm and presented a perfect 60 yard broadside shot.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Brien Heinemann took this huge 10 point buck on 11/12/23. Brien says, “Having limited time to hunt this year, I was able to get out for a quick Sunday evening hunt. Half hour into the sit, I could hear grunting in a thicket behind me. 5 minutes later this guy came out chasing two does, giving me a shot at 10 yards.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Louie took this monster 12 point buck on 12/3/23. Louie says, “I shot this deer in southern Iowa while hunting with my brother. We packed our stands in early in the morning to a spot he had seen deer move through before. I ended up shooting him at about 80 yards with a smokeless muzzleloader at around 8:30 am. I actually had the opportunity to shoot this deer 2 years ago but passed him as a 160″ 4 year old. My brother has trail camera pictures of him for the last 4 years and 2 sets of sheds off of him as well. 176 1/8″ gross; 169 7/8″ net.” Congrats on the successful hunt!
Jeff Knudtson took this giant 10 point buck on 12/12/23. Jeff says, “Last day of the hunt in Southern Iowa, nice buck ran out of a ravine. I pulled the trigger on my 350 Legend, he dropped his head down and I hit him right in the forehead darn near blowing the antlers off him. It is my biggest buck so far. Not as big as Louie’s deer but mine wasn’t hand fed its whole life.. Net score 150 6/8 gross score 158 1/2.” Congrats on the successful hunt!